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Kate Lynch

Word and Picture Communications Co.


About my work

My approach to photography             

is with an artist’s eye and a photojournalist’s visual storytelling. My work is driven by what I see and how that makes me feel. I can only hope that how I express that touches the viewer in some way.

I have been a photographer, writer, 

and artist for more than 35 years. I earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography from Arizona State University and studied digital photography at Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom in Washington. I lived and worked in Arizona for many years.

My work is often focused on place, 

the environment where people, animals, and plants live. I grew up in  Bordentown, New Jersey, a town founded in 1682. The tree in this composite self-portrait is a 400-year-old pin oak near my childhood home that was taken when I was 20. If you look carefully in the camera lens, you will see an image of me at age 2, paging through  a newspaper.


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WRITING & Marketing Communication

* Advertising
* Brochures
* Newsletters
* Manuals
* News and features
* Web content

* Experience in fields of higher education, arts, public health, environmental education

* Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Arizona State University

* Master of International Administration in cross-cultural training from the School for International Training

DuPont, Washington, is home to
Word and Picture Communications Co.

DuPont is the fastest growing city in Pierce County and celebrated its centennial in 2006. It is home base for the Word & Picture office, a bazillion photos, an overly friendly neurotic dog, occasionally, my son (who is hopefully not neurotic and is mostly friendly)...

and powered by Macintosh.


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